What is The 9th Soul

The 9th Soul is the brainchild of two passionate and ambitious people, originally from completely different vocations and walks of life, eventually finding their calling in metaphysics.

Coming from lucrative and successful corporate careers, Priyanka and Nishank have both replicated that success in holistic healing services. They envision The 9th Soul to be the alpha and omega, which means that an individual will find solutions to all his/her issues by availing their services.

They deal with all spheres of life - health, phobias, career, finance, relationships and parental guidance.

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We offer services under two broad categories - Consulting & Learning

what we do


holistic life coaching

We believe everyone can use their inner guidance to explore their dreams, manifesting them in their own reality. We believe that such a transformation can feel like a homecoming. An arrival to love from fear; to faith from hope.

Duration: 75 mins/session



Passion for numbers and belief in the mystical led us to study numerology. Each number has a specific vibration which defines what is his/her life’s purpose. We enable them to understand how they can align their decisions to match those vibrations.

  • Duration: 75 mins


Tarot is a popular form of divination that has been in practice since the 18th century. Each of these cards has a unique imagery, symbol and a story.

  • Duration: 60 mins
akashic record

akashic records

  • Accessing your soul’s journey
  • Finding answers to your present questions from these records
  • Understanding your soul’ purpose in this lifetime
  • Understanding your soul’ lessons in this lifetime

Duration: 60 mins/session


learning numerology

Our knack to understand people and their emotions, combined with our passion to help them find their true purpose has led us to this rather uncommon profession.

  • Duration: 75 mins

learning tarot

Coming Soon

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Priyanka Hasabnis


Nishank Mehta

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what our clients say

"For us, it’s a miracle to hear the clients say things like these."

Priyanka conducts Tarot reading card session very intuitively and her way of expressing the facts is empowering rather than demoralizing the client. She is also very good numeropreneur and she uses her mastery in Numerology to provide very Holistic guidance to her client.
I have been following her advice and I am very happy to see how things are panning out! The best part is that she was able to conduct these individual sessions for me on a video call since we are in separate countries. The exchange of energy was phenomenal and I am thankful to Priyanka for helping me.
It’s true what they say - "A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change life." Thank you Nishank Sir, for this session called life. You are my motivation and have helped so many of us to lead life like it should be led. Thank you once again for changing my life; I am now fully prepared to take my life forward.
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