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The 9th Soul is the brainchild of two passionate and ambitious people, originally from completely different vocations and walks of life, eventually finding their calling in metaphysics. Coming from lucrative and successful corporate careers, Priyanka and Nishank have both replicated that success in holistic coaching services. They envision The 9th Soul to be the alpha and omega, which means that an individual will find solutions to all his/her issues by availing their services.

They deal with all spheres of life – health, phobias, career, finance, leadership, relationships, parental guidance, youth and self development.

Priyanka Hasabnis

After having worked in leadership roles for over 12 years with the likes of ITC Hotels, CBRE Inc. & LinkedIn (Microsoft), there are very few who will venture out on an uncertain path of their own. Priyanka is definitely not amongst that lot as that’s exactly what she chose to do. Deciding to take a ‘corporate pause’, she ended up realizing her most innate desire and found the answer to her spiritual and metaphysical calling. The corporate pause has now turned into an entrepreneurial journey.

Looking back, metaphysics intrigued her since childhood. While she had a good hold over the logical and the conventional, it was the mystical that always caught her attention. She’d been an avid reader of Numerology and Astrology since as far back as she can remember.

Her inborn passion for numbers and their mystical relationship with human beings and their lives drove her even further towards numerology. With years of experience behind her, she is now knee-deep into the craft. She’s amongst a handful who can say that they’ve been a researcher of Numerology for almost a decade.

Numerology is not all that captured her attention. She also is also a trusted Tarot Advisor, Holistic Life Coach as well as a teacher of Numerology (Pythagorean, Chaldean & Lo Shu Grid) and Tarot.

Priyanka is also a pioneer in using Tarot for Business and Finance in India. She co-works with clients on creating a progressive and futuristic roadmap based on valuable insights from the Tarot in the areas of business and finance. She is an ardent believer and propagator of “future creation over future prediction.”

Currently, she is pursuing her Masters in Clinical Psychology to expand her knowledge and expertise.

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Nishank Mehta

Nishank Mehta is a man of few words but one of many professions.
Knowing him better will make you realize that each of these professions, which were introduced to him with a set of divinely guided co-incidences, add up to the person that he is.

In the material world, or as he would put it – on a bodily level, he is a raw diamonds’ merchant. The job comes with a lot of travel and with the lucrative and exciting prospect of arriving at the correct value of rough diamonds. Once that part is done, he purchases them for the organisation that he works for.

On a cerebral level, he’s a numerologist. The drive to know everything about numbers and belief in the mystical led him to study numerology. The science of numerology is practised by him in the metaphysical way.


Rediscover your true self. Redefine your true path.

Mind alone can create tyranny; heart alone can create a mess; The marriage of the two creates mastery;

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