Akashic Record Reading

What are akashic records?

We have born on this planet in a physical body for a specific purpose. There are some life lessons our soul wants us to learn such that we evolve each life time.

  • The planet we live on is the 3rd dimension and there are 18 more dimensions above us.
  • The 4th dimension is the dimension of spirit guides, ascended masters, master teachers and angels.
  • The 5th dimension is the dimension of “DIVINE LOVE”; where the only emotion that exists is love. Everything is provided for and there is no need to have any desires.
  • The 6th dimension is the one of “DIVINE LAW”; where there are no emotions at all. It is the dimension of what IS. Here everything simply IS.

This is where your Akashic records exist. Akashic records are like an energetic journal where each and every life time your soul has journeyed, is recorded. The future is not defined. It is being written as you move through life. But what is destined for this life time are two things: Your soul’ Goal. What your soul desires as its purpose this life time & Your Soul lessons. What it wants you to learn such that you evolve. What are the blocks that lie between you and manifesting your true purpose and living an inspired life.

Duration: 60 minutes (per) session

+ a 15 mins orientation call one day prior to the scheduled reading + a 15 mins call post the reading session (if required)

In our reading, we answer between 2-4 questions you want to ask based on what you are dealing with in life presently. Guidance is received by you based on what is read from your akashic records.

We shall also read about your soul purpose and your challenges.

Key Takeaways:

Glimpses Of The 9th Soul

Complete confidentiality is assured with regards to all content discussed in any coaching session.