An insight into Azim Premji’s successful journey – a business tycoon turned Asia’s most generous philanthropist 2019 awarded by Forbes Asia

  • Azim Premji – Founder Chairman of Wipro was born on 24th July 1945 with his Birthday number 24 adding to 6 and his Life path number 14 adding to 5.
  • The 6 in his Birthday and Soul Urge numbers, is governed by Venus. It represents a person who is compassionate, balanced, caring and community oriented; a father figure.
  • His life path 14/5 governed by Mercury and name number 3 governed by Jupiter together represents a person who is expressive, well networked, versatile, growth oriented and diverse.
  • Mr. Premji’s journey started with him managing his company Western Indian Vegetable Products that manufactured soaps and cooking oil. He further diversified into various sectors and focused on establishing a name in the IT sector to become Wipro, the IT giant that it is today. 
  • From soaps to software, his journey corresponds well with his life path 14/5, where 5 represents growth through diversity. However, the karmic debt number 14/5 in his life path made him foray into multiple sectors before settling down in one. 
  • His growth number, a master number 22, represents a person who has the potential to build something of lasting value for self and others. This combined with his maturity number 8 which represents karma enhanced his chances to success, money, fame and recognition.
  • 2001, in his Personal Year 7 (year of introspection and reflection) combined with his Pinnacle 8 and LP Period 6, he founded the “Azim Premji Foundation”, which till date has a total endowment of USD 21 billion from him. He is also the first Indian to sign up for The Giving Pledge, a campaign led by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.
  • 2011, his Personal Year 8 (year of Karma), Mr. Premji was awarded Padma Vibhushan.
  • 2017, his Personal Year 5 (same as his Life Path), he was ranked 9th as India’s 50 most powerful people by India Today.
  • To sum it up, Wipro as a name adds to 9 – a number that represents humanitarianism, charity, philanthropy, healing. 
  • The combination of 9, a prominent presence of 6 in his core numbers, growth 22 and his emotional plane of expression makes him a relentless giver; someone who is invested in building a foundation that will provide long lasting value to others.
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