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Priyanka conducts Tarot reading card session very intuitively and her way of expressing the facts is empowering rather than demoralizing the client. She is also very good numeropreneur and she uses her mastery in Numerology to provide very Holistic guidance to her client.

Rupinder Sahni

I desperately needed guidance and I chose to go to tarot and Priyanka offered to give me a reading. It was an hour full of discoveries. My questions were answered. I wasn't happy with some of these, but Priyanka helped me make peace with them. I went out with more clarity than I had that week. Priyanka is master reader and highly intuitive. I followed some of her advice and not all (stubborn me) that served me well. I was able to move away from situations that didn't serve me and change my perceptions to look at situations in a different way. I highly recommend her if you want some highly intuitive no nonsense yet gentle guidance. She has an innate ability to put people at ease and relive them. Priyanka, you are gem.

Leena Shinde

I reached out to Priyanka for Tarot card reading with questions in my mind around 3 areas which I believed needed the immediate attention. Priyanka's reading for me around those areas was extremely helpful and I was all set to leave her office but intuitively Priyanka felt one more area in my life (which I thought I am handling well) need to be sorted out so she decided to for Tarot cards spread for the guidance around that area. To my pleasant surprise her analysis of the current situation in that area was so perfect and the guidance for a resolution of the situation helped me to take immediate necessary steps to sort out things in that area. Priyanka conducts Tarot reading card session very intuitively and her way of expressing the facts is empowering rather than demoralizing the client. She is also very good Numerologist and she uses her mastery in Numerology to provide very Holistic guidance to her client. I am extremely glad for taking a Tarot reading session from her and her interpretation of the guidance provided by the cards for the most important area in my life helped me turn around that area.

Annel B Hudalee

I moved to a new country and sought spiritual advice from Priyanka through Tarot readings and Numerology sessions to help with the transition and take decisions best suited for us. The numerology session was very enlightening and showed me facets of my personality that work in my favour and I should focus on. I have been following her advice and I am very happy to see how things are panning out! The best part is that she was able to conduct these individual sessions for me on a video call since we are in separate countries. The exchange of energy was phenomenal and I am thankful to Priyanka for helping me.

Prerna Jain

Dear Priyanka, Thank you so much for sparing the time and working on my numbers and charts! To be honest, I had my own doubts because I had never been exposed to this before and kind of felt it to be some sort of an occult practice! However, my views changed dramatically as we conversed. I had goosepimples all over me as you went about telling me about myself, it was catharsis for me… I felt like tons of weight going away as I spoke about myself and my issues! And then your reassuring voice backed by the maths of the numbers that you had curated, gave me something to look forward to… a hope and a road map! My beliefs are undergoing a change and I feel that there is a rather divine alignment and some people like you have been gifted to read and understand it and show the way to your fellow beings. In love and gratitude of you!

With held on request
New Delhi

Nishank explained to me to accept my fear of flying instead of resisting it. This helped me in overcoming my fear of flying which I had for years and which was preventing me from visiting different places. Nishank even helped me to start eating without guilt through his coaching sessions. His coaching method makes one feel comfortable to share whatever comes to mind. Also, the reading of A COURSE IN MIRACLES with Nishank, Deval and Aneel has been a wonderful experience; it’s been more than a year since I started it. I look forward to every Saturday morning for the reading session and every night I look forward to the lessons from the workbook in it. Every day experiences are improving with each reading. Utmost gratitude for being a part of this study group. A Complete Transformation So much has changed post the last session. Actually things started looking up after the very first session. I was totally lost and confused; my entire past was being replayed in front of my eyes like a movie scene. And it all seemed so real and scary. But speaking to Nishank put things into perspective and put me at ease. And then, things started changing. I was happy again - I got so much clarity and a big part of my childhood got healed in the process. In fact, I haven't told you this but post this most recent session, I got so many compliments for my singing. People said my voice clarity and expression have reached another level. My music teacher who never ever compliments anyone has been going gaga at my sudden transformation. She asked me what changed in me, what I’ve done. I feel like I owe it to the clarity of thoughts which you’ve brought forth and the space that you provide in the sessions where one can express without any fear of judgement. You are the best coach ever. Your authenticity, dedication, commitment and passion for coaching inspire me. Your coaching gets me connected to my source. The validation and presence that you provide in the sessions are the best gift one can receive. It helps me embrace my true self with open arms and makes me fall in love with myself. This is just a glimpse of how truly amazing and magical your coaching has been to me. Keep touching lives. Keep spreading joy. Stay blessed.

Conquering Phobias
Rupinder sahni

I had beliefs around money which needed to shift. I strongly believed that money and love cannot go hand in hand. Also, I had a sense of guilt as I felt obligated towards the well being of my clients who paid me but at the same time the question of money stayed in my mind. In a particular coaching session with Nishank, those beliefs surfaced and I was talking about this one client who owed me quite a good sum of money. It had been due over a period of a year. Almost shockingly, within the week of having this session, after which I shifted my perception of money and dealt the guilt, I received my dues. And that, without me even asking for it. My client called me up and offered to pay me. It was quite an experience.

Money Matters – Do They Matter?
With Held on Request

My journey of life coaching with Nishank started 8 months back. It was supposed to be a one free session for me. I had little idea of what life coaching was all about and I had few areas of my life that I wanted to work upon and improve. From the very first meeting, I wanted to address relationship issues. Nishank first made me know myself better, as the basis of relationships with any other person is the relationship I have with myself. Which, for me, was a huge realization. In the very first session, I learned to use my words carefully and powerfully. Replacing some words we use on an everyday basis, almost subconsciously, can have profound effects on our life and the way we view everything. I have learned a lot from him and he made sure that I put all that I learn into practice, and I did it with full faith and commitment. Then the journey to loving myself began, wherein I learned to deal with my guilt, my anger and worked towards my fears. I learned to really truly love myself. I realized that what I feel is lacking in my life, is something I am not giving to myself. It really helped me change my focus from outside to inside. I am still on my way to discovering myself…and that journey is beautiful. Today when I look back at the journey which started 8 months back with a woman who was full of self-doubt, and lot of guilt and worries to who I am today, I cannot help but marvel at it. I give the entire credit of this transformation to Nishank. He is truly a gem of a person. He is very patient and thoughtful. He has always been there to guide wherever I felt stuck, or lost, gently guiding me back to my own journey. He knows how to show the direction of life to a person, not by showing the way, but helping the person find the way himself/herself. And that according to me is an extraordinary and amazing thing you can do for another human being. I would like to wish Nishank all the very best in fulfilling his life’s purpose, which will help many people like me realize their true potential and set on a journey of self-love and happiness.

Reawakening Self, Rekindling Relationships
With Held on Request

This one word says it all. Thank you so much, Nishank Sir, for being with me at the time when I needed it the most. You really helped me a lot to find who I am. On 15th April 2018 I my lost my son (Namah). He was 1yr 3months old. The day I lost him, it was a full stop to our life, shattered everything in our present. I clearly remember, we had a call a week after all this happened, when I told you everything. On 19th May 2018, we met for the first time and you asked me to tell you everything on my mind. I had a superstitious thought in my mind as well, as my son’s name ceremony was on 15th April 2017 and I lost him on 15th April 2018. With you, I studied life from a positive POV, and it led me to have a positive attitude and I saw my behaviour change with time. Before we met, all I felt was pain and a weight on my shoulders. But after that 90min session, it was a rebirth for me. I felt relaxed, with positive energy; it was like “Identification is a form of escape from the self". The biggest certificate was given by my wife. As soon as she saw me she said that she can feel the positive vibes in me and she smiled and told me say thank to you from her side as well. Even my friends felt like I was a changed human being. It’s true what they say - "A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change life." Thank you Nishank Sir, for this session called life. You are my motivation and have helped so many of us to lead life like it should be led. Thank you once again for changing my life; I am now fully prepared to take my life forward. - Harish Gupta Derivatives trader

Overcoming Parental Grief Rebirth.
Harish Gupta

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