Connect the dots between life and faith

The one thing about life that bewilders everyone is the uncertainty that it comes with in every area – be it career, finances, relationships, etc. and the myriad emotions each one experiences in the face of its uncertainty. Many times we question this uncertainty that comes in the form of events or people.

But, as we travel on our path, we must know that there’s not much in our control. What has to happen will happen. The “why” behind the happening will be revealed much later. However, the only thing in our control is our “choice”. The way we choose to experience the event or the person.

To give you an example:

We all have done ‘connect the dots’ drawings in our early days. For those who aren’t familiar, in these drawings we are required to connect the numbered dots placed haphazardly to each other. So, we take a pencil, find dot number 1 and connect that dot to dot number 2 and so on. Even during the process of connecting, we are clueless on what’s being made. It is only when we connect the last dot is when we identify the object or the figure that is hidden in those dots.

After the final image appears, we observe the numbers that are strategically placed (which at first appeared random) and how connecting them leads us to something meaningful. Now, the one who placed the numbers knew exactly what would be created after all the dots were connected.

Keeping this analogy in mind, can we try and look at life in the same way? Can we visualise the numbers placed randomly as the people and the events that we encounter and experience in our life?

These dots were strategically placed for us by The One who knows the final picture. And once the dots start connecting, we recognize that the things that have happened before are completely connected to the things that happen later.

So what is our role in “connecting the dots”? We are the ones holding that pencil connecting one dot at a time. We must take each day as it comes by having faith and trust in the process of life; honouring and validating the emotions that we experience through this process. Cause, we will never really truly understand the “why” until we are completely done.

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