This was on my mind for a while and I finally decided to take a break over the weekend from social media which essentially meant “NO”:
  • Posts on Instagram
  • Stalking on Facebook 
  • Corporate engagement on LinkedIn
  • Watching videos on YouTube 
  • Tweeting on Twitter
  • Looking up for ideas on Pinterest 
  • Asking questions or reading answers on Quora

I gave my daily social media rituals a break and this is what my weekend turned out to be: 

  • I didn’t have to plan nothing. There was no content to be made, nothing to be posted, no likes/shares/comments, etc..
  • Spent few hours focussing on work instead of working the entire day… I managed to finish so much in so little time. No distractions = focus = getting work done within the targeted time
  • My phone needed to be spruced up. I managed to beautify it inside out! All unwanted junk is out. Yasss! .
  • Spent time sleeping, yes! sleeping and resting. The magic pill that keeps us healthy, something most of us have given up on.. .
  • Went out for lunch, ate whole heartedly without clicking a single picture for it to be posted (I was so tempted to take one); relished and blessed my food. I’m sure it blessed me too. .
  • My time belonged to dear family which is very rare these days.. Either they are glued to the gadgets or I am (I am consciously working on this one!)
  • Made grand plans for the week ahead workwise and otherwise.. Looking forward to this week!

Overall, it felt like a break long due. I just feel decluttered and more focussed. This experience helped me realise what it meant to be “truly present”, in conversations and in the moment. 

I’m glad to have done this and I feel it’s important for all of us to #disconnecttoreconnect just to restore ourselves.

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