Holistic Coaching with Numerology


Passion for numbers and belief in the mystical led us to study numerology. Each number has a specific vibration which defines how a person is, what is his/her life’s purpose, motivations and desires. We enable them to understand their personality, inner nature and the vibration of numbers present in their names and date of birth and how they can align their decisions to match those vibrations – bringing prosperity and success. It is an approach where one develops a deep understanding of their life purpose. It also gives an indication of what opportunities the years to come present for you. 

Also, it highlights the challenges and obstacles that will help you grow. The lessons you are to learn in this lifetime and how you can deal with them effectively and turn them around in your favour.

We believe that anything you see outside of you is somehow connected to your consciousness. Hence, to see any change outside, first the change needs to take place within. Putting our learnings to practice, we apply the principles of numerology in the metaphysical way, leading to effective results. We use three forms of numerology that are widely practiced: Pythagorean, Chaldean and Lo Shu.

Something that we’ve always stood by -

No legal changes are required when you receive your spelling changes in your name. A numerology consult includes the following:

2 sessions: 60 mins and 30 mins

A detailed write-up report of all details regarding your name

Key Takeaways:

Glimpses Of The 9th Soul

Complete confidentiality is assured with regards to all content discussed in any coaching session.