Holistic Life Coaching


Our knack to understand people and their emotions, combined with our passion to help them find their true purpose has led us to this rather uncommon profession. We believe everyone can use their inner guidance to explore their dreams, manifesting them in their own reality.

We believe that such a transformation can feel like a homecoming. An arrival to love from fear; to faith from hope. The one aim, and eventual outcome, of working with us is ‘inner peace’. From the drama of relationships, from the compulsion of careers, from the aching in health – each time, the healing is through inner peace.

Duration: 75 minutes

How we work is by starting from the innermost desires of a person. Because those are always ones which define your very beliefs. And the manifestations of our beliefs are our thoughts. What we believe, gives rise to what we think. And what do our thoughts give rise to? Our emotions, our feelings. Fear, guilt, shame, pain, etc. And finally, how we’re feeling decides how we perceive the world and everything and everyone in it. Thus, by working from our innermost desires, we try to establish a shift in your perception. And during this process of discovery, every answer you seek will appear before you.

Key Takeaways:

Glimpses Of The 9th Soul

Complete confidentiality is assured with regards to all content discussed in any coaching session.