Number rules the universe – Pythagoras

Numerology happened to me by chance, courtesy my maternity pause. Having spent 10+ years in the corporate world, I never thought I would end up becoming a full time Numerologist by profession. It was during this time that I researched about Numerology, met some amazing teachers and went all out with it. A quote by Pythagoras (father of Western Numerology aka Pythagorean Numerology) “Number rules the universe” stayed with me and his ideology evoked further curiosity towards this subject.

I started to think about his quote in relation to the fundamental premise of Numerology. Numerology is an excellent self-analysis tool which helps in decoding your personality and understanding your life purpose with the help of numbers.
Basis my research, I soon concluded that “numbers not only rule the universe, but they also rules our very being”. Think of it this way – we are made of a trillion cells; our breath, organs, age, etc. all are a number. We are all alike in terms of our features (1 nose, 2 eyes, 2 ears, etc.) yet different owing to our unique personality traits.
Numbers are a larger part of our existence, so what could potentially stop them from influencing us? And there came my Aha! moment. Numbers indeed influence us.

Well, how exactly?
Numerologists believe that numbers have a personality of their own, inner nature and vibration. We are always attracted to a certain number owing to its personality. Each number is unique in itself basis it’s traits and energy. The prominent numbers in our life are given to us in the form of date of birth and our name (letters have a numerical value). They have an influence on our personality in terms of our strengths, weaknesses, special talents, etc and our life events. In addition to our personality, they also reveal our life purpose; the very reason of your being.

Numbers are very intriguing and they are capable of revealing so much more.

Do you also feel that your numbers influence you? Let me know in the comments below.

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