what is the 9th soul?

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The 9th Soul is the brainchild of two passionate and ambitious people, originally from completely different vocations and walks of life, eventually finding their calling in metaphysics.

Coming from lucrative and successful corporate careers, Priyanka and Nishank have both replicated that success in holistic healing services. They envision The 9th Soul to be the alpha and omega, which means that an individual will find solutions to all his/her issues by availing their services. They deal with all spheres of life - health, phobias, career, finance, relationships and parental guidance.

Occult sciences in India comes with a certain perception. It doesn’t get the same reception as many other professions. A broad spectrum of practitioners are okay with this fact and have moulded their practice to suit the narrative.

How is The 9th Soul different? They have introduced metaphysics to the modalities. What’s being done currently is entrenched in occult sciences, using scare tactics and fear-mongering. The 9th Soul intends to help you recognise your true potential, your unseen talents, and to master every challenge that comes your way.

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the story behind it

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In September of 2019, Priyanka discussed with her Numerology teacher about going beyond consulting and teaching numerology, only to realise that there was another student of hers - Nishank - with the same opinion. This identical thought by both of them ended up being the seed of an idea in the teacher’s mind. She decided to hold a 5-day program in Rishikesh and suggested that her two students attend the program.

Priyanka wasn’t very sure about attending because of her ongoing Masters degree. After a lot of back and forth, she finally decided to make it to the program. She contacted Nishank as he was the only other participant from Bombay and they ended up booking their tickets together.

They first met at the airport but it didn’t at all feel like a first meeting. They realised how similar their goals were and how they seemed to be moving in the same direction. They both were seeking the next challenge and realised that teaching was definitely something they both wanted to explore. Somewhere deep down, they both knew that this journey wouldn’t end in Rishikesh.

During the program, their conversations led to even more trust in the idea of collaborating and they started planning their first workshop. Earlier, they’d thought they would formally become partners only after conducting a few workshops. But a phone call in one of the subsequent days led to them doing a spontaneous Tarot Reading of whether they should do a partnership right away. Although the reading suggested otherwise, they practised their Free Will and are thankful of it till today.

They’ve led multiple classes, masterclasses, corporate events, created numerous students and they’re only just getting started. Ask them and they’ll tell you how they’ll always be thankful to their teacher and to Rishikesh. That’s where everything started falling in place and they found the answers they seeked.

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why the name?

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Numerology is a study of the personality of numbers 1 to 9, In Numerology, the number 9 is the last of all numbers - it is considered the holiest, wisest and oldest of all numbers Priyanka and Nishank spent days and weeks thinking about the perfect brand name when this name occurred to Priyanka and almost immediately resonated with Nishank. They both believed in the power of the number 9 and it seemed fitting to name their brand after it. Coincidentally, they finalised upon the name on the 18th of December and their partnership was signed on 27th of the same month. Both dates, adding to number 9.