Student Success Stories

The journey of Tarot learning was amazing with you, Priyanka Ma’am. Thank you for bringing new wisdom with the help of the course. You showed up as a mentor which brought new insight to me and how I see the world. You and Nishank are wonderful people. The exercises that we did in practical readings during the course really helped me. I hope we stay in touch for many years. You guys are the best the way you are!! Thank you!
Kimmy Hanspal - Tarot Course
I have learnt all forms of Numerology from Nishank and Priyanka of The 9th Soul) - Pythagorean, Chaldean and Lo-Shu Grid. They’re both excellent teachers and have always rendered their support as mentors even after the workshops!! As soon as I finished learning I started getting clients immediately and have done reading and spelling corrections for a huge number of people in a very short span of time!!
Rupinder Sahni - Numerology Course
Hi Priyanka,  I enjoyed Learning Tarot Coaching from you. It was fun & the way you taught us was very easy. You not only created a deeper interest in us but also empowered us to be a Confident Tarot Coach. I am very happy that I am blessed with the Tarot Coach like you as my Teacher. Thank you for gifting me one more tool to add value in my Coaching & I can contribute to my client’s lives.
Shreya Udipi - Tarot Course
Hi, Nishank & Priyanka, This is Shhreeyaa Udippi here. A big Thank you to both of you.... For past more than 25 years I wished to earn independently on my own. I was earning it but in a small number - nearly 15 to 20,000/ per month. I was looking for a big success & bigger money - but couldn't make it possible. Numerology has gifted me wings to fly. ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ It is just 3 mths of practise with almost 45 charts with name corrections - I could manifest 2, 70,000/ rs. And Additionally my HYL workshops & coaching clients. I could cross 3,00,000/ in 3 mths. 5 times Growth. ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ Due to Covid my husband income had drastically dropped to minimum, for past 15 mths...and the household was running on our savings.... with MIL Hospitalisation expenditure etc.. and my husband was in deep anxiety.... At that crucial junction Numerology turned to be a blessing. In Jan - 2021- I had a vision that I am receiving 36 lakhs per anum as my personal income this year. In Jan, I was completely unaware that how will it manifest... But the Divine had magical plans & introduced Numerology in my life. Thanks to Nishank, Priyanka ✌️🙏& special thanks to Leena Adkar who motivated me to join in.... Today, I am feeling blessed, independent, confident & feeling proud for myself....that I could support my family in such crucial times. Looking forward for many more magical moments & Miracles in my Life. With Heartfelt Gratitude...
Shreya Udipi - Numerology Course
As a Psychologist and a Reiki Master when I added Numerology to my repertoire, a whole new world opened up for me. With my own spelling correction and self awareness my practice took an unexpected beautiful turn. Client Satisfaction and Self Contentment reached another level. I am specialising in revealing and discussing Life Paths with my Clients and Students. It is a joyful experience bringing method in the madness, as I reveal the greater purpose, including strengths, weaknesses, talents, and ambitions to all those who come for a Numero-Reading from me. Accordingly I guide them into different therapeutic modules for them to be able to radiate their full light and fulfil their life purposes. One experiences the presence of Divine when one does a reading. Actually A Numero-Reading builds up people and brings in Self Love in good measure. In gratitude to 9th Soul - my teachers Nishank and Priyanka who continue to hand~hold me every step of the way whenever needed. The Numerology module design and teaching methodology is par excellence straight from the heart.
Aarti Gupta - Numerology Course