The Start-Up called “YOU”

Re-Awakening the Entrepreneur in You

A 12-week Mini-Mastermind meant for those who want to execute a start-up idea or have just begun their entrepreneurial journey or even those having an existing business and is looking for the next level of success

You could have a service-oriented business or a product-based business 

The next level of growth or success in your business, does not require more effort; it requires more Wisdom.

And that’s when you want to begin to think like a start-up.

Very often we begin a business with a lot of zest, receive a lot of success and then the business begins to plateau; and we wonder what went wrong suddenly? We try to find answers from constantly changing outside circumstances or try to see what about our operations can improve. However, we, at The 9th Soul believe that at such a time, what our business is calling us to do is, “Pause” or “Stop” and reflect, go back to the roots & introspect. At such a juncture, The Start-Up called “You” is a sneak peek into creating a foundation for entrepreneurs or are looking at the next level of (effortless) growth & success.

We live in a world of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Change, Ambiguity) & where “Change is the new constant” is the mantra.

But there is something that remains truly constant and that is your true essence; the true essence of your business; which, when defined, brings forth what you truly want, how your business wants to grow, with minimum effort.

Upcoming Program

14th Oct 2021

Structure & Inclusions For This 12-Week Journey

Key Topics Covered

What is the Enneagram?

Enneagram is an ancient personality-typing tool which acts as a bridge between your psychology and your true essence. It is a coaching approach that invites you to acknowledge and accept the inevitable polarities operating within yourselves;

Much of what we learn with the Enneagram are the beliefs, and resulting strategies we adopt in order to create a sense of control, safety and approval. These strategies begin to define our life and our narrative of who we think we need to be in order to get success and our needs met.

The Enneagram shows us the box we are in and the way out by challenging a limited sense of self.

For the most part this aspect of the personality operates unconsciously & so for each type we highlight your Super-Ego belief, your Hidden fear, Basic mistake & then the Re-write of your success contract powered by a type-specific Soul-affirmation.

Complete confidentiality is assured with regards to all content discussed in any coaching session.

Your Definition of Success Will Influence Every Decision of Your Life & Business

Join us on this journey to re-define the foundation